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Dundee Groves is located right in the heart of Sunshine State - a perfect location for growing the world's best citrus. Our family has been expertly working with our sandy soil, plentiful rain and ever-present sunshine to produce world-class citrus for nearly 50 year. You'll love our delicious Oranges; refreshing Grapefruit, Tangelos, sweet treats and more!

Fresh citrus that arrives within days of being picked off the tree is a special treat that few people get to experience. We take pride in assuring our customer that every piece of Florida citrus we ship has been hand-selected, hand-picked and delivered directly to your door - ripe and ready to eat!

Dundee Groves is a family-run business since 1967 and always has ranked customers satisfaction above any other factor. Proof is that every orange we ship is backed by Dundee's 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why take a risk when you can get the best? Order from Dundee Groves for the great taste of Florida citrus and citrus confections.